About Emdadco

We’re leader in
food stuff market

Eat healthy food and live longer! This is the mantra of our times. But having a platter of nutritional food items every time is not as easy as it goes. Adulterated, toxic food rules the world. Healthy food is a holy grail. But it is more elusive like a mirage in the wilderness. In a fast evolving urban setting, it is always difficult to choose the best nutritional food with which human body can live in sync.

In the arena of food production and delivery, Emadad chips in with the promise of delivering the fresh food stuff packs to the local supermarkets. We cater for Qatar Aviation, too. Our objective is to cater the best for those who want to eat healthy and tasty dishes. In packing food products for delivery, Emadad lays stress on superior quality with zero tolerance on ersatz stuffs.

A leading voice in food supply

Emdadco is the cornerstone of Rawabi foodstuff, a wholesale foodservice supplier where you'll find quality products at low prices. Supermarket products bearing popular brand names are being served by us. They include Royal Taj, Kerala Kitchen, Single Spoon, Noora Gold Rice, Rawabi Gold Rice, Tomato Paste 888 and Rawabi Fresh, Hot Sauce, Rawabi Paper products, Poultry products (Bellaves brand).


Our warehouses are adequately insulated facilities with temperature control ideal for preventing environmental contamination and infestation.


Our trucks ply between major spots in the Emirate within a short span of time. We believe that transportation is key in the delivery of foodstuffs. Hence, our vehicles are always up in arms for speedy conveyance.


Our Brands